Reflections on my Facebook Fast

I was driving along minding my own business at the beginning of this year with a knot in my stomach. I did all that my coach had taught me and began to meditate/pray/reflect into this simple question (something a bit new for me. A shoulder shrug and never a second thought has been my style), … Continue reading Reflections on my Facebook Fast


A return?

Been challenged by a mate, Keith, to return to the wider more comprehensive space of blogging. He suggests that my Facebook entries challenge him, but he thinks Facebook is limited in audience and smaller posts. I read Hamo's blog and (although he is an amazing thinker and writer and I am not him) I do … Continue reading A return?

Stuff White People Like – So Good it HURTS!

I can't help myself, I love my Vespa, If I am not in my veggie powered 4WD (with Apple sticker on the back window), I drive my Vespa to sit in a non-franchised, un-corporate cafe drinking fairtrade organic coffee, in front of me on the table is my Apple Macbook with a Molskine notebook on … Continue reading Stuff White People Like – So Good it HURTS!