Hyper – Achievers

I was reflecting the other day on why it is that some people seem to be motivated to change the world and other struggle to change their undies. The two types of people were juxtaposed this past month in a couple of events I have been involved in. A camp for kids who are at … Continue reading Hyper – Achievers


Hack On ABC 2

If you ever listen to the excellent Hack programme hosted by Steve Cannane on Tripple J, you will be happy to know that he is on for a half hour programme on ABC 2 at 8.30pm starting tonight. The Hack Half Hour is a studio-based chat program, which encourages feisty, passionate views, stories and debate. … Continue reading Hack On ABC 2

Sydney Anglican Youth Ministry Conference

I am heading over to Sydney to meet with the Youth Vision Australia crew next week. We thought that we may as well take in a conference whilst there.The Sydney Anglican youth department (YouthWorks) are running this Theology of Youth Ministry conference. It looks quite the academic style conference you would expect from the Sydney … Continue reading Sydney Anglican Youth Ministry Conference