About My Life

No Guarantees – My Blog.

Pieces of Me – I have a few hats I wear from time to time so these links are the best way to find what I am up to…

My Family – I am married to Christine, my childhood sweetheart (well one of them…the one I married…can I get in trouble for saying that?) She is a stunning lady and we have three kids, Mikaela, Andy and Sophie.

The Joondalup Thing – I hang out with a group of people who all live pretty close to one another. To some, we are a Church, to others we are a great group of friends, some may refer to us as a house church, or a street church, some would not consider us a church at all. Maybe we are a little bit of all of the above…depending on who in our group you talk to and how they are feeling at the time!

Put it this way…we are exploring spirituality, forming lives and (re)discovering church.

Mission Australia – is where I work as chaplain to WA and NT.

Other bits of me;

  • Organic Gardening and tampering with concepts of permaculture.
  • Building a 16ft canoe in my shed.
  • Hanging out with my wider family
  • Woodwork
  • Kayaking
  • Reading
  • Hanging out with the crew in the street
  • Bush-walking
  • Eating great food