Building A Western Red Cedar Strip Canoe Pt1

In April of 2010 I did a flat water canoeing course with my then employer Alta-1 Education. The guy leading the course was Mark Tait from Kuringal Education (Christchurch Grammar School). We got talking about a dream both of us had dreamed about building a Cedar strip canoe. I had considered it from time to … Continue reading Building A Western Red Cedar Strip Canoe Pt1


Last Child In The Woods

It not be significant to many, but I thought it worth a mention. I finished a book this morning by Richard Louv. The book was called Last Child in the Woods. The significant part is that Richard (a guy who lives in the USA) is in Perth just for this morning speaking at a conference! … Continue reading Last Child In The Woods

The Mess of it all – Going Green

Well it's Blog Action Day for Climate Change day - so here goes... "Going green" is not always as easy as it sounds...if it ever did sound easy. I live in an established house in suburbia and climate change was a burden to me and I wanted to do something about it... 1) A veggie … Continue reading The Mess of it all – Going Green