Beyond The Walls By Brad Chilcott (via Mark Conner’s blog)

Beyond the Walls by Brad Chilcott Who would’ve thought that one photo could cause so much trouble? It wasn’t the first time I’d been criticized for my friendship and solidarity with the Muslim community, in fact I’d had some threats of violence when I spoke up about Halal certification but this one took it another … Continue reading Beyond The Walls By Brad Chilcott (via Mark Conner’s blog)

Building A Western Red Cedar Strip Canoe Pt1

In April of 2010 I did a flat water canoeing course with my then employer Alta-1 Education. The guy leading the course was Mark Tait from Kuringal Education (Christchurch Grammar School). We got talking about a dream both of us had dreamed about building a Cedar strip canoe. I had considered it from time to … Continue reading Building A Western Red Cedar Strip Canoe Pt1

Great Thoughts

Matt (OEUp) sent me this link. These reflections are definitely thoughts I regularly ponder! Taken from - here Pioneer and/or Pastor Just at the moment I'm struggling with energy, it's not tiredness in the traditional sense, it's more a sense of being de-energised... this morning feeling incredibly down I began to reflect on just why … Continue reading Great Thoughts

My Profile

I took one of those Personality Profile things - Myer - Briggs. It was scary how accurate it was This is me ; ENFP (Extraversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception) You are warmly enthusiastic and imaginative. You see life as full of possibilities. You make connections between events and information very quickly, and confidently proceed based on … Continue reading My Profile