Great On Line Movie For Gardeners

If you are interested in topics like peak oil, veggie gardens, farming, the future etc have a watch of this movie. This link is one of 5, the other four will come up on screen when this finishes.


Surprise Movie

I was invited to see Peter Jackson's new offering District 9. I almost SMS'ed my friend Dave back and told him to pick a different movie, but that is not protocol when being invited to a movie me thinks. So someone looked it up on the internet and saw it had gotten great reviews. Certainly … Continue reading Surprise Movie

The First Australians – SBS

I read a great book by Tom Kenealley called A Commonwealth of Theives, a great historical read on the settling of Australia, the first fleet and Sydney Cove etc. He gives a fair bit of detail of the issues regarding the relationships between the indigenous culture (The first Australians) and the invaders (or settlers), but … Continue reading The First Australians – SBS