Great On Line Movie For Gardeners

If you are interested in topics like peak oil, veggie gardens, farming, the future etc have a watch of this movie. This link is one of 5, the other four will come up on screen when this finishes.


A Good Crop

Our garden is going stupid! It is producing massive amounts of very healthy large looking veggies. Christine is SOOO diligent with her hand watering. Today after work she went out and gathered about a tenth of our potatoes and yet another big bucket of beans, some celery, carrots, zucchini, basil, onions, there is such a lot still in there to pick….oh and the fish look like they have had babies.

We have not used anything artificial in the garden whatsoever. I was out there for the last 2 nights with my torch picking off slugs and snails and green caterpillars which the chooks eat. I would say the success has been in the soil, the timing and the layout, and my wife’s good looks.veggie-garden-nov-12-08

Lockridge Community Garden

It was a great few hours out at Lockridge to their open day today. They had Josh Byrne (ABC guy) doing workshops and also available out in the garden for a chat and Q&A.
The garden pizza oven was going full speed, people from all walks of life wandering around chatting, playing, listening to the live music and catching up with old friends.
I was quite surprised just how many people I knew out there, the garden is an interesting case study in bringing people together, it’s not just people who like to garden, but people who like…well people. It seemed to me that there were people just sitting on the lawn chatting over a pizza and drink etc.
I loved being there as I would love to see something like that here in Joondalup, it propped up my vision a little.
In the meantime it helped me get just a little more excited about my own backyard, which, by the way, in terms of veggies is at full capacity. It will be a few weeks before the garden looks ‘full’ as they are all seedlings. Christine is the master gardener…I just write about it 🙂
Peas – beans – lettuce – chili – potato – onion – zucchini – pumpkin – carrot – sweet corn – garlic – herbs – celery – tomato – spinach – cucumber – capsicum –