Great New Doco on DVD

Jarrod McKenna, Global Peace Activist and international speaker and agitator (how good does that sound!!) Facebooked me today about this movie coming. He had just come from the Australian Islamic College, he was speaking there on being peace makers…ever had opportunities like that???


3 thoughts on “Great New Doco on DVD

  1. “If we could eradicate poverty and give people a sense of worth a great deal of conflict would end.”


    But most importantly, I think he hit the nail on the head when he spoke about giving others a sense of worth.

    I would suggest that at the core of all of our troubles, both personal and throughout society as a whole, exists the question, “am I worth anything to anyone? Am I valued, cherished, viewed with dignity and respect? Loved?”

    If this question can be answered with a resounding “yes” for each person individually, filling them with a recognition of their own dignity and value in the eyes of God, then peace will truly begin to grow stronger.

    By valuing our own lives, we in turn will begin to value the lives of others. But if we cannot understand our inherent sacredness, we will continue to live at conflict both within and with one another.

    I enjoyed this video and I hope you will have a chance to stop by my site!


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