Stuff White People Like – So Good it HURTS!

I can't help myself, I love my Vespa, If I am not in my veggie powered 4WD (with Apple sticker on the back window), I drive my Vespa to sit in a non-franchised, un-corporate cafe drinking fairtrade organic coffee, in front of me on the table is my Apple Macbook with a Molskine notebook on … Continue reading Stuff White People Like – So Good it HURTS!


Forever Vespa

A one off showing of the Vespa doco from the Italian Film Festival at Paridiso in Northbridge this arvo was attended by many Vespa lovers! 3 of them were Matt, Craig and myself. We had a great ride into town, a movie a coffee and chat about permaculture at a new coffee shop and a … Continue reading Forever Vespa

Joondalup Thing Grows

Yes we are really a happening group, we are seeing a revival here.This is a snap shot of our latest edition to the group.I was going to say that Matt and Tam had this baby, but I think Tam would say it was all Matt's pushing that brought this baby into our world, welcome ox!