Stuff White People Like – So Good it HURTS!

I can’t help myself, I love my Vespa, If I am not in my veggie powered 4WD (with Apple sticker on the back window), I drive my Vespa to sit in a non-franchised, un-corporate cafe drinking fairtrade organic coffee, in front of me on the table is my Apple Macbook with a Molskine notebook on top and my iPhone alongside.

I AM A STEREOTYPE – aghhhhhh, I need a new life!  🙂   This website I found has caught me out. I am predictable, readable and … aghhh it hurts so much I could not help but laugh … and laugh  … and laugh. I had tears running down my cheeks. Christine has been saying the things this guy blogs about for years to me. This is so clever!

He was on Triple J last week apparently. He writes about Things White People Like, here is his list – You need to visit his site!


Forever Vespa

A one off showing of the Vespa doco from the Italian Film Festival at Paridiso in Northbridge this arvo was attended by many Vespa lovers! 3 of them were Matt, Craig and myself. We had a great ride into town, a movie a coffee and chat about permaculture at a new coffee shop and a beaut ride home along the coast.

Wet Wet Wet

Remember that band? What did they sing?
Anyway, wet is what I was after an afternoon trip scooter ride home from Subiaco today.
I saw the front building all day and knew I was going to be stuck in it, but I had no idea just how heavy it would be.
I had plastic pants, but I am a bit short of good waterproof tops at present. My Goretex is 20 years old and leaks bad, so I took a plastic poncho a got given by a friend when we were in Cambodia.
The wind tore it to shreds, by the time I got home I was trailing bits of plastic coat along behind the scooter, I was wet right through my thick jacket and soaked through the t-shirt…jeans were dry!
Nothing that a warm shower wouldn’t fix, I loved winding my way through the back streets of Woodlands and Doubleview to get me to Karrinyup rd, this is all my old stomping ground.
I had a data projector in my pack, but that stayed dry under the pack cover!
Good times on the scoot! 🙂

Joondalup Thing Grows

Yes we are really a happening group, we are seeing a revival here.
This is a snap shot of our latest edition to the group.
I was going to say that Matt and Tam had this baby, but I think Tam would say it was all Matt’s pushing that brought this baby into our world, welcome ox!

I Fit The "Average Buyer"

Check this statement out in an article I was reading online here.

“You really can’t beat a Vespa as far as utility,” said Mark Wilson, who fixes and refurbishes scooters at his Grover Beach shop, Bulletproof Scooters. “I could ride my Vespa for three weeks and not have to fill up.”

Motor scooter sales boomed from 42,000 in 2000 to an estimated 120,000 last year, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council, The average buyer is a middle-aged, male, married professional with a college education and a household income of about $48,000, the council reported.

Do you count 38 and 336 days old as ‘middle age’?

Oh and one more thing…I thought he (MW) was heading up he Baptist WA churches…not fixing Vespas…aghh I guess you can’t resist the higher call of God on your life.

Motor Bike Test Update

Just thought I would fill you all in on the test drama.
As you know I have a new bike.
And as you may know I failed my test the day before I got the new bike!
Well to get the test again was a real drama. Every licensing centre in Perth metro area was booked out for anything from 3 to 6 months for bike tests. Plus you have to wait 28 days after a test fail before resitting it. (Unless you have a special exemption)
So I started ringing country centres, Northam Toodyay etc. Nope they wont take city folk any longer!
I applied for the exemption to the 28th day rule with a letter from Dr F my employer 😉
And I started ringing every spare moment of my day to see what I could get in for.
Last week I hit gold and managed to move the test back from Jan 17 to Dec 21!! (Down in Rockingham mind you!)
I am still waiting for my 28 day exemption remember.
I got through one day this week and she said “who there is a cancellation for tomorrow morning…Oh you have a 28 day block on you, sorry bout that!!”
Just then I rang and the licensing department and they had a booking for the 13th of November! The very first day I can get in to a booking after my 28 days!
So I have to wait 2 weeks….2 more weeks.

Interview With Steve Said on Emerging Church

I subscribe to the Australian Christian magazine…well only since Craig took over as editor. He does a great job. In fact I have never seen so many article sourced for an online publication. Massive ammounts of stuff I rarely keep up with. But this one caught my attention as I know Steve Said, he is a great guy, a real thinker and lots of fun too. He is a guy who will not shink back from speaking his mind just to pamper a relationship. He says what he thinks.
I have pulled just an extract out the interview as I have not got permission. But if you want more….and a heap of other great article and interviews, all with local people doing great things in Oz, then sign up! Here is a bit of Craig interviewing Steve –

Steve S …May I be so bold as to suggest that by and large it’s a selfish thing that prompts that move out towards something emerging and missional? Often people say “I’m looking for something more organic”. My experience has been when people use those kinds of words it’s code for “don’t tell me what to do, don’t make me volunteer for another program.”

CB: They’re looking for something less “high maintenance”?

SS: In my mind it’s a move away from a machine metaphor – a mechanistic view of life – to an organic system. But what happens is that people responding to a mechanistic system think that withdrawing themselves from that system and doing nothing is organic. But that’s not organic. That’s just “I’m not doing the old thing anymore”. The comparison I often give is between a machine and a tree: a tree is actually a series of organic systems working together. There’s just as much structure – there’s probably even more activity – but it’s a different kind, a different order.

One of the fundamental differences is that you turn on a machine and it keeps going, it just keeps churning things out until parts burn out – aha! – whereas in an organic system there tends to be room…this is where I find Psalm 1 helpful, “a tree bears fruit in season”…so when it’s time for someone or a group of people to remain fallow for a while, that’s more of an organic kind of system. But when people in emerging contexts – I find – use the word organic, they don’t mean what I’ve just described, they mean “I’m over being busy doing stuff that is disconnected from my life.”

CB: They’re talking about taking a break or dropping out?

SS: Dropping out – yeah, and I know if that’s put into this sort of article it might create a degree of backlash. Actually, it did. I remember when Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost went over to the UK and started talking about it’s not the emerging church it’s the emerging missional church and we do have a task, there was an enormous backlash in the UK where a lot of people in the emergent scene, some of the bigger names, railed against that and said it “sounds a lot like the mechanistic metaphor and sounds like too much hard work”.

Hang on a minute! Are we called to transform the earth?

More here
In fact they do have a “mail to a friend” pdf, on there so if you think you are my friend and want the whole article, email me and I will email it to you…friend:)
Actually ACOM students apparently get free access to this magazine!!

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