I Fit The "Average Buyer"

Check this statement out in an article I was reading online here.

“You really can’t beat a Vespa as far as utility,” said Mark Wilson, who fixes and refurbishes scooters at his Grover Beach shop, Bulletproof Scooters. “I could ride my Vespa for three weeks and not have to fill up.”

Motor scooter sales boomed from 42,000 in 2000 to an estimated 120,000 last year, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council, The average buyer is a middle-aged, male, married professional with a college education and a household income of about $48,000, the council reported.

Do you count 38 and 336 days old as ‘middle age’?

Oh and one more thing…I thought he (MW) was heading up he Baptist WA churches…not fixing Vespas…aghh I guess you can’t resist the higher call of God on your life.


2 thoughts on “I Fit The "Average Buyer"

  1. After ‘raging’ in the rave tent at leavers this year I am still working out if I feel old or young…I sure feel deaf!

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