Stuff White People Like – So Good it HURTS!

I can’t help myself, I love my Vespa, If I am not in my veggie powered 4WD (with Apple sticker on the back window), I drive my Vespa to sit in a non-franchised, un-corporate cafe drinking fairtrade organic coffee, in front of me on the table is my Apple Macbook with a Molskine notebook on top and my iPhone alongside.

I AM A STEREOTYPE – aghhhhhh, I need a new life!  🙂   This website I found has caught me out. I am predictable, readable and … aghhh it hurts so much I could not help but laugh … and laugh  … and laugh. I had tears running down my cheeks. Christine has been saying the things this guy blogs about for years to me. This is so clever!

He was on Triple J last week apparently. He writes about Things White People Like, here is his list – You need to visit his site!


Resurrection Complete

I know, I know, many people write incredibly deep stuff on their blogs, spiritual stuff, and the stuff that makes for really good reading, even controversial stuff.

I pride myself on the ordinary! Like the Resurrection of an old sleeping bag.

jan-09-019You may remember that I got a new sleeping bag for my birthday/Christmas due to the fact that my 21 year old bag was torn, stitched, torn, stitched and… torn again. But I could not bring myself to throw it out after getting a new one (sleeping bags are a big deal to me you might have noticed).

jan-09-022So … In order to fully resurrect the old bag, it not only needed stitching but re-filling with down (as in the chest fluff of a small duck) Where would I find such material other than down at the local lake? Haaaa – When I was in Nepal in 1987 I remember buying a massive down jacket that was used in a NZ attempt on Mt Everest and sold to me after the attempt failed. I used this whilst up in the snow in the Annapurna Sanctuary in Nepal – and not once since! So I dug it out of a box and Christine and I started slicing and transferring fluff from the jacket into the bag.

jan-09-023The bag had 220 grams of fluff added to it taking it from a 1200g bag to a 1520g bag, not too bad. I think I just took it back down to about a -3 degree bag. But in the process Christine and I had some fun filling the house with VERY small feathery stuff!

In My Spare Time

In between meetings and doing my Grandfather’s funeral a few weeks ago I managed to fit in a little bit of an odd activity…

have a look here.

It was such an odd feeling moving from Ho Ho Ho to Oh Oh Oh 🙂 in the space of an hour or so!

Kayaking and Microsoft (sent from my Mac!)

The Top Ten Ways The Sport Would Be Different If Microsoft Built Kayaks:
10.  A particular model year of kayak wouldn’t be available until AFTER that year, instead of before.
9.  Every time you wanted to try a new paddle, you would have to buy a new kayak.
8.  Occasionally your kayak would stop dead in the water for no apparent cause. No amount of paddling
would budge it. You would have to tow it back to the launch site and restart your kayak. For some
strange reason, you would simply just accept this.
7.  Two people could not both paddle your kayak unless you paid extra for a ’95 kayak or NT kayak in
which case you would also have to buy an extra seat and expensive new charts.
6.  A sophisticated marketing blitz would make you feel like a second-rate tasteless slacker for failing to
upgrade your kayak. OOPS — wait a minute — that’s ALREADY happening.
5.  Sun Microsystem would make a kayak with 70% less hull drag, half the weight, watertight in all
conditions and twice as stable. Unfortunately, it could be used on only 5% of the existing rivers.
4. Your Microsoft kayak’s compass, weather radio, and sump pump would be replaced with a single
“General Kayak Fault” warning light.
3.  The enthusiast press would get people excited about the “new” features of Microsoft kayaks, forgetting
completely that they had been available in other brands for years.
2.  Microsoft’s inconsiderable owners manual would spawn a whole cottage industry of outsiders who
would write hundreds of books explaining how to paddle your Microsoft kayak. Amazingly, we would
buy all they printed.
1.  If you wanted to go kayaking in a group with your club members or friends (known as Network
Kayaking). EVERYONE in the group will have BUY special group kayaking accessories however, only one
member of the group (known as the kaysysop) would have the foggiest notion of exactly what they did
and no one else would be permitted operate them.
Unknown Author