Another Coffee?

Whilst on the coffee topic (see below), I thought all those who had ever walked into a church on a Sunday may well enjoy this clip I found on Mark Sayers blog! What would it feel like if we marketed coffee like we market church? Oh Javalujah!


2 thoughts on “Another Coffee?

  1. this clip is incredible. I went straight to the website by the guys who made it hoping to find some real alternative thinking regarding church growth and the marketing compulsion tat consumes so many of our churches, but all i found was more of both – how to grow your church bigger and how to market it more effectively (so you can grow it bigger).

    To be honest, the website resembled the video more than a little (they do say “art imitates life”).

    oh well, I guess reframing the concepts underneath these beliefs will have to be left for another day (and probably a less cool and more obscure group of thinkers and practitioners).

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