Local Church Leadership

I often 'fantasize' about going back...you know back to good old fashion church pastoring. A good mate, Hamo - the Backyard Missionary - he did it. Went back that is. He is heading back to Quinns Baptist Church in the next few weeks to be their main man 🙂 In my fantasy I ponder the … Continue reading Local Church Leadership


Great Thoughts

Matt (OEUp) sent me this link. These reflections are definitely thoughts I regularly ponder! Taken from - here Pioneer and/or Pastor Just at the moment I'm struggling with energy, it's not tiredness in the traditional sense, it's more a sense of being de-energised... this morning feeling incredibly down I began to reflect on just why … Continue reading Great Thoughts

Future Church?

So what might the church of God’s future look like? Perhaps a snap shot might start to get the imaginative juices flowing. I’m not offering a one-size fits all blue-print, but a few fringe thoughts to get the cogs turning, so here goes: On Monday Morning, upstairs at the local Pub, a group of professional … Continue reading Future Church?

Listening to the West Kimberley People

With his arm elbow deep in muddy water Eddie looks up and winks and mentions that if this mud crab gets a hold of his fingers we had better watch out as we will all know about it! We were out on the Mangrove flats that the people of Ngamagkoon belong to. Eddie is part … Continue reading Listening to the West Kimberley People