Mission Australia’s Response To Budget 2015/16

Mission Australia has today welcomed the Government’s budget announcement that it will invest $331 million in a new Youth Employment Strategy to assist young people to make a successful transition from school to work, but cautioned that children from low income families could lose out from the new families package and the government has done … Continue reading Mission Australia’s Response To Budget 2015/16

Reflections On Getting Arrested

#LoveMakesAWay For many years I have half joked about the fact that on my bucket list was this; that I would be arrested for doing something righteous, Christ-like, aka - not drunk and disorderly conduct! I guess in some ways that motivation makes this 'all about me'. Other than the fact that my desire was … Continue reading Reflections On Getting Arrested

Dubious Questions Around Afghanistan

A letter from Simon Moyle via Jarod Mc Kenna Defense Minister Stephen Smith recently took a trip to Afghanistan, with a range of reasons cited in the Defense Department media release. What wasn't mentioned there - or anywhere else by the Gillard government - was the finalising of a draft Australian/Afghan Strategic Agreement for post 2014, … Continue reading Dubious Questions Around Afghanistan