I had a Facebook conversation yesterday with an old contact from a church I was a pastor in over 15 years ago. In short the conversation went like this in response to a post I put up on SSMarriage; (this is a VERY abbreviated version with my interpretation) Person - If you just obeyed Leviticus … Continue reading Robustness


An Open Letter to Rev. Franklin Graham from a “Small Church” Pastor

Source: An Open Letter to Rev. Franklin Graham from a "Small Church" Pastor and a version of the letter here written by a mate Colin Craggs x sarcasm for illustration of the same intent minus a kind of literary violence often used me šŸ˜‰ and you ... I'm sure!! Dear Franklin Graham My name … Continue reading An Open Letter to Rev. Franklin Graham from a “Small Church” Pastor

Mission Australia CEO on Australia Day

Historically, of course, Australia Day represents the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet at what became known as Sydney Cove. The national public holiday marking this event is a fairly recent addition to the calendar, and many Australians will look forward to relaxing and enjoying a day off with friends and family. And … Continue reading Mission Australia CEO on Australia Day

Thoughts on Biblical Interpretation

To demonstrate differences in the presuppositions of readers, consider these following statements about the Bible, inspiration, biblical authority, and biblical interpretation: Statement 1 The Bible is literally the Word of God. Scripture consists of the writings that were inspired by God, if not actually dictated by God to the biblical writers. The community of faith … Continue reading Thoughts on Biblical Interpretation