Reflections On Getting Arrested

#LoveMakesAWay For many years I have half joked about the fact that on my bucket list was this; that I would be arrested for doing something righteous, Christ-like, aka - not drunk and disorderly conduct! I guess in some ways that motivation makes this 'all about me'. Other than the fact that my desire was … Continue reading Reflections On Getting Arrested

Dubious Questions Around Afghanistan

A letter from Simon Moyle via Jarod Mc Kenna Defense Minister Stephen Smith recently took a trip to Afghanistan, with a range of reasons cited in the Defense Department media release. What wasn't mentioned there - or anywhere else by the Gillard government - was the finalising of a draft Australian/Afghan Strategic Agreement for post 2014, … Continue reading Dubious Questions Around Afghanistan

Good News For Mountain Bikers

I got this email today from a mate who is "in the know" regards outdoor stuff around Perth. This sounds like great news! Hi Everyone, Just in case you haven't heard, the Munda Biddi Foundation was successful in it's applicant for a Royalties for Regions grant for $3,000,000 (million!!). This a brilliant result and vindication … Continue reading Good News For Mountain Bikers

Obama Speech…MLK’s Speech

Barack Obama has accepted the Democratic Party's historic nomination to run for president of the US in front of a crowd of some 75,000 people. more here Interesting that this speech is on the 45th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream..." speech. Surely it fulfills some prophesy or something??? Ok maybe not, … Continue reading Obama Speech…MLK’s Speech