Good News For Mountain Bikers

I got this email today from a mate who is “in the know” regards outdoor stuff around Perth. This sounds like great news!

Hi Everyone,

Just in case you haven’t heard, the Munda Biddi Foundation was successful in it’s applicant for a Royalties for Regions grant for $3,000,000 (million!!). This a brilliant result and vindication of the huge amount of work put in by a large number of people in both government and community. It is the result of cooperation, support and of a shared goal and ideals. This means that the Munda Biddi can be be completed all the way to Albany from its current terminus at Nannup. The Bibbulmun Track Foundation also received some grant monies for upgrades, particularly in the Nullaki Peninsula area.

Thank you to some of the unsung heroes of the Trails movement, you know who you are, who worked tirelessly on this proposal and gave it the support it needed to get through the applicant process. I won’t name anyone at the risk of embarrassing them, or missing someone out! It would not have happened without you.

Now Western Australia will have two Long Distance Trails of world class significance and quality that will bring joy, companionship, adventure and a chance to experience the wild for many future generations.

Let the work begin!

Mike Wood.


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