Not Comfortable With Driscoll

I was given a book by Mark Driscoll recently, Confessions of a Reformission Rev. I plan to read it soon. But I must say that I was once a big fan of this hard hitting preacher guy. I liked his smash you in the face style, his anti-Pharisaical approach. He enjoys a beer with the … Continue reading Not Comfortable With Driscoll


Sydney Anglican Youth Ministry Conference

I am heading over to Sydney to meet with the Youth Vision Australia crew next week. We thought that we may as well take in a conference whilst there.The Sydney Anglican youth department (YouthWorks) are running this Theology of Youth Ministry conference. It looks quite the academic style conference you would expect from the Sydney … Continue reading Sydney Anglican Youth Ministry Conference

Hot Topic

I had one of those conversations you have that you reflect on later and think, "I never thought those people actually existed who believe that". It just goes to show how ignorant I am!A pastor at the COCWA/Baptist ministers retreat this week made the comment over dinner, "I can't believe there are God loving Christians … Continue reading Hot Topic

Stuff We Use

Have you ever considered that caring for our planet is one of your values?What about reducing your waste (no not your waist!!)?Recycling? Using less?Living in smaller communities, closer to home?Considering the lives of the people who produce the stuff we consume in our western culture?Do you consider 'Creation Care' a part of your stewardship?Are these … Continue reading Stuff We Use

Hirsch on Bonhoeffer…on Dischipleship

going troppo! the way of obedience By Alan Hirsch on the forgotten ways Bonhoeffer believed that the only way to truly comprehend the revelation of God in scripture is by approaching it with the pre-commitment to obey it. For those interested in weird theological terms, he calls this ‘tropological exegesis’ or simply ‘tropology’. Bonhoeffer can … Continue reading Hirsch on Bonhoeffer…on Dischipleship