Hot Gospel For A Warming Planet

I am involved with a TEAR group that spends it’s time considering the Kingdom issues around global warming and creation care. We desire to educate and inform believers of the importance of creation care and the ramification on our planet if something is not done at many levels (personal, community and political) about our warming planet.
This is our first open gathering;


4 thoughts on “Hot Gospel For A Warming Planet

  1. I hear today that there is evidence of the 16,000 sq. km Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica coming apart at this very moment – something that has never happened in recorded history. It is being put down to global warming (or at least warming in our region).
    We continue to ‘fiddle while Rome burns’. Hot gospel indeed. Thank God for TEAR.

  2. i think me, the missus and the bub will make it in, sounds right up our alley.

    Hope all is well up your way. You should pop down to murdoch for a beer at the tav with me some time. or a coffee if you prefer, im sure that they have those somewhere at the uni too…

  3. Beer hmmmmm!!
    I have just heard that I wont be able to go as SU are doing a camp for your old Carey crew and I am helping!

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