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I had one of those conversations you have that you reflect on later and think, “I never thought those people actually existed who believe that”. It just goes to show how ignorant I am!
A pastor at the COCWA/Baptist ministers retreat this week made the comment over dinner, “I can’t believe there are God loving Christians out there that believe in the global warming conspiracy!”
I was dumbfounded, this guy is an awesome guy, down to earth, fun to be with – but … woooo!
I could only respond with, “Well I can’t believe there are Christ following people out there that don’t believe in global warming and wont act on any kind of creation care and responsibility for the planet God gave us stewardship over!”

Well that made for a quiet moment in what had been a great dinner conversation to that point 🙂

Well we both put out our case strongly and went our separate ways in good relationship, but I continue to be alarmed!
Of all the people in the world that should be at the forfront of environmental action and concern it should be God fearing bible believing Christ followers!
Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t, but either way why not join a TEAR open forum and discussion panel on the 29th May.


7 thoughts on “Hot Topic

  1. serious?

    You have to the love feeling behind it though from both of you that ‘I can’t believe people don’t think exactly the same way as me, they must be bad christians’ 🙂

    Curious to know what possible evidence he had to back up his claim.

  2. I know a lot of pastors I have spoken to over the past year or so are VERY sceptical about it all. Had many interesting ‘discussions’ with people about this very issue.

    It is definately not agreed across the board…which is fine by me, makes for good conversations!

  3. Well rather than start at global warming I think it should be the point where discussions finish.

    First up should be good stewardship of resources – particulalrly given world food prices, this then leads to the discussion about ensuring that our environment and resources are used appropriately.

    The end result of good stewardhsip SHOULD be a reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, which is a handy outcome for those who are GW deniers even if they continue to believe it is not a reality.

    I’d prefer they did – and the arguments are still fun. . .

  4. Well, maybe not bad Christians, I think you read more in the comments than are there!
    I think where Middo you say “It is definately not agreed across the board” I presume you mean amongst the unlearned Christian collective.
    Because pretty much across the board from the the most green to the most right wing conservative scientist that governments pay to make themselves look good it IS agreed now that global warming is an issue. The last UN report was the big give away! It rang big alarm bells and these guys are the ones that cop criticism for being too conservative.

  5. perhaps he had seen ‘the great global warming swindle’ made by the same man who has made films about how breast implants reduce breast cancer rates, with scientists in it who also dont believe sun causes melanomas and second hand smoke doesnt cause lung cancer….

    Dirkin is a joke, but people loved his film because it gives us justification to not have to change our patterns…

    one of the points of that film is that CO2 makes up such a small part of the atmosphere it cant be very important… one scientist rebutted that a little bit of abola virus still seems to have a reasonable effect on a human…

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