The Joondalup Thing Update

I don't often post on The Joondalup Thing these days based on a request by some for me to shut up 🙂 But in rebellion - I post! TJT for those wondering, is our little church group in the City of Joondalup...It actually meets weekly in Currambine, not Joondalup, but Currambine is in Joondalup City.... … Continue reading The Joondalup Thing Update


Joondalup Community Garden and TEMENOS

Temenos (τέμενος) is a Greek word meaning "Sacred Space".I desire our new community garden to be just that, a sacred space in which our lives intersect with each other and with God as we journey together.Not everyone in our little group in the northern suburbs will be keen gardeners, but my prayer is that we … Continue reading Joondalup Community Garden and TEMENOS