Backyard Blitz

Well before all working together in our own project, The Joondalup Thing practiced on someone else’s garden!
We all did a backyard blitz on a lady’s house around the corner. It was a contact through one of Hamo’s many blitz’s up the road at Upstream, in fact I noticed he had been busy doing similar in one of his recent posts! Our was less…elaborate though!
So, mainly for the benefit of our crew here are some of the snaps – (Click on to enlarge)


3 thoughts on “Backyard Blitz

  1. Thanks mate. I’m sure she appreciated us doing the work. She even blessed us with some yummy ‘drinks’ to take home and get merry on 🙂

  2. yeah – i’m pretty stoked with the way the whole thing turned out too.

    nothing like spending the day with some friends, helping out someone else – no strings attached.

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