Scape Goat Mechanism

I love this daily reflection from Richard Rohr; The Scapegoat Mechanism Sunday, April 30, 2017 As I mentioned last week, Jesus on the cross echoes three healing images: the Passover lamb, the “Lifted-Up One,” and the scapegoat ritual. The third symbol deserves a deeper exploration because it is central to understanding how Jesus resets the … Continue reading Scape Goat Mechanism


Standing Alone Then Standing Connected to Everything.

I had a challenging...disturbing...slightly 'hot' conversation with an old friend recently. She's great lady who has a deep faith. We came to heads over a few things but I felt particularly 'miffed' when she appealed for me to 'come back to the old way' to 'interpret the bible the right way' (my interpretation of her words). … Continue reading Standing Alone Then Standing Connected to Everything.

Beyond The Walls By Brad Chilcott (via Mark Conner’s blog)

Beyond the Walls by Brad Chilcott Who would’ve thought that one photo could cause so much trouble? It wasn’t the first time I’d been criticized for my friendship and solidarity with the Muslim community, in fact I’d had some threats of violence when I spoke up about Halal certification but this one took it another … Continue reading Beyond The Walls By Brad Chilcott (via Mark Conner’s blog)

Life and Death – Our Choice?

Been thinking about 'death' since ANZAC Day and the discussion that took place around some of my posts and links on Facebook. Not only that, Scott McKintyre (Sports commentator) was sacked from SBS for making 'insensitive comments' around ANZAC Day and death on Twitter. Then, just days after ANZAC Day, two Aussies and their mates … Continue reading Life and Death – Our Choice?


Another great word from David Timms “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." ~ Matthew 5:9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peacemakers Violence confuses us. We fear it and we embrace it. It horrifies us and it entertains us.  On the one hand, the thought of a violent home invasion scares the daylights out … Continue reading Peacemakers

Listening to the West Kimberley People

With his arm elbow deep in muddy water Eddie looks up and winks and mentions that if this mud crab gets a hold of his fingers we had better watch out as we will all know about it! We were out on the Mangrove flats that the people of Ngamagkoon belong to. Eddie is part … Continue reading Listening to the West Kimberley People