What will we do when it’s all gone?

An unnamed senior official at the International Energy Agency (IEA) has told The Guardian that the agency has deliberately been underplaying a looming shortage of oil for fear of triggering panic buying. The source claims that the United States has influenced the internationally respected watchdog to underplay the decline rate from existing oil fields while … Continue reading What will we do when it’s all gone?


Great Quote

...our care for the world we inhabit is not simply a duty laid upon us but a dimension of life made whole: a redeeming activity grounded in the character of our own redemption, a revelation of the true 'face' of creation as we ourselves undergo the uncovering of our own human face before God. Going … Continue reading Great Quote

The Low Down On Our Solar Rebates

An economical truth (from the Australia Institute) The solar panel rebate announced by Peter Garrett this week sounded like just the news we need after the weak five per cent emission reduction targets were revealed in the White Paper. Finally, it seemed that the Government was doing something serious to reduce emissions. No such luck. … Continue reading The Low Down On Our Solar Rebates