Motor Bike Test Update

Just thought I would fill you all in on the test drama.
As you know I have a new bike.
And as you may know I failed my test the day before I got the new bike!
Well to get the test again was a real drama. Every licensing centre in Perth metro area was booked out for anything from 3 to 6 months for bike tests. Plus you have to wait 28 days after a test fail before resitting it. (Unless you have a special exemption)
So I started ringing country centres, Northam Toodyay etc. Nope they wont take city folk any longer!
I applied for the exemption to the 28th day rule with a letter from Dr F my employer 😉
And I started ringing every spare moment of my day to see what I could get in for.
Last week I hit gold and managed to move the test back from Jan 17 to Dec 21!! (Down in Rockingham mind you!)
I am still waiting for my 28 day exemption remember.
I got through one day this week and she said “who there is a cancellation for tomorrow morning…Oh you have a 28 day block on you, sorry bout that!!”
Just then I rang and the licensing department and they had a booking for the 13th of November! The very first day I can get in to a booking after my 28 days!
So I have to wait 2 weeks….2 more weeks.


4 thoughts on “Motor Bike Test Update

  1. u r 1 impatient so and so…and by the sounds of it every call centres worst night mare….

    good luck, may the vespa god smile upon you and keep you safe….

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