Interesting Topics at Conference.

I am heading to Sydney at the end of July to meet up with some of the Youth Vision Australia crew I work with. Whilst we are there we are going to attend a conference put together by Youth Works – “A Theology of Youth Ministry Conference”. Not sure I have heard of them before, but it looks interesting to say the least, I have heard of the Sydney Anglicans who are behind it all though… interesting to say the least 🙂 So I would say they are the youth department of the Anglicans.
Here are some of the topics –
– All things to all people – the incarnational youth ministry.
– The Spirit of Gen Y
– Missiology For Youth Ministers
– Implications of Missional Ecclesiology for a Missionary approach to, and understanding of, Youth Ministry.

If you ask me it could be a Youth Ministry breakaway session at a Forge conference! Look at those topics!


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