Weekend Away at SYG

I spent the weekend down at State Youth Games with my eldest daughter Mikaela and her friend Emma.

It was a well run weekend, Brendon Hunt is the coordinator, he is amazing at pulling this off with what looks like the least amount of stress, like a duck on the surface of the water I am sure 🙂

I wrote a full story with pictures on it all here, if you are interested.

I guess I felt the outreach/church service hit what I would call, good middle ground. It did not feel showy or hyped, and it wasn’t out there too creative in which no one connects. A local band lead us with a real genuine sense of worship, the preacher, whilst not being my style, was spot on for the moment, seemed to connect with young people and made a sensitive altar call in which about 40 responded for various reasons.

They say you can’t please all of the people all of the time, I know there will always be someone (mostly me!!) having a complain about something on a night like this, but I think we managed to pull it off this year…well Pete and I agree, so for that reason alone I would say it was tops!

A few of our Joondalup Thing crew were in the games, Joel is seen here walking off the court…TOOOOO many fouls!

And these guys…good friends, just good friends.

The biggest controversy of the weekend was from one of our sponsors…the COC Women’s Ministry’s new logo…

I will let you judge for yourself… hmmm


11 thoughts on “Weekend Away at SYG

  1. so was the COC womens ministry sponsorship in the form of handing out condoms as their logo seems to suggest???

    Does this mean that future SYG events may be likened to Leavers – ha!

    PS – got blogger all sorted now

  2. Agh great to have you back on line!
    Yes, there was some discussion as to the look of the logo, was it condoms or some likened it to something from the breast feeding mothers association…either way, wrong!

  3. I was thinking along the lines of the over 40’s womens assoc!

    That boob is showing its age…

  4. it was a great weekend … and I do think it was the best worship night that SYG has had. Many of the guys from our group that I expected to opt out of the night, came and even had an AWESOME night praise God.

  5. I’d luv 2 hear more of Mikaela’s experience of SYG. Ai’s off 2 b a part of ours next year. The kids all stay in tents on a boggy/muddy hill. Where did u guys stay? Just send personal email if u want Mik…

  6. Gaz, how could I have ever forgotten the man that lead my kids into nightmareish dreams about a big man who chases rabbits in the night with my umbrella!

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