Warrior King Lover and Monk

I have to do a talk at a camp for year 9 boys from Mirrabooka High. These kids are tough, fringe kids, hand picked, a kind of mini Brat Camp.

Each day we have a theme.
Man as Warrior (Pioneer, Adventurer, protector)
Man as Lover (Love, honour, respect)
Man as King (Leadership)
Man as Monk (Spirituality)

I want a kind of object lesson for each one, even something they can take home, a rock, a picture, a … something??

We are out in the bush, so I don’t have a heap of space in my pack to carry stuff, so any ideas??
Any help???


2 thoughts on “Warrior King Lover and Monk

  1. You wouldn’t want them to make the symbols from things you can find out there?

    A bark shield for the warrior – to protect.

    A flower for the lover – to communicate and remember that superficial beauty is fleeting.

    A coin for the king (I’d recommend an old coin that is collectible – even a penny, but with a King’s head on it – to remember that king’s (leaders) are remembered and treasured.

    A cord (such as a monk would wear around his robe) as a symbol of being bound to their spirit – or as a prayer rope (such as used by Eastern Orthodox monks) The other alternative might be a staff.

  2. Personally I’d also be asking them to be on the lookout for anything at all that they come across that says something about their own character or aspirations – what kind of a man does the world need right now? That sort of thing.
    While the WKL an M are fine to be starting with, I reckon there are some gems waiting to be uncovered in some of them that might surprise everyone. Something unique they can give, not just receive.
    Just a thought.

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