Off To Cambodia

Well in a few hours I leave with 5 others for 2 weeks in Cambodia. We will be working with the Hagar project in converting a factory into offices and accomodatin for kids, we will be playing games with some other kids at an orphanage and we will be having a look at Siam Reap/Angkor Wat temples/tourist area, should be fun, stay tuned…better go pack!
I am taking heaps and heaps of kids clothes donated from a leading clothing store here in Perth, amazing, all new!

See ya


4 thoughts on “Off To Cambodia

  1. Grace and peace for you on your Journey, Scott. May you be just as blessed as you bless. Big Dave

  2. goodonya Scott (and others), you know how envious I am!
    I had to miss an opportunity 3 years ago to spend some time in Cambodia working as a volunteer with Quaker Services Aust. They have a permaculture project there in a rural province, specifically aimed at helping disabled locals get established as food growers. With all the land mines, and subsequent missing limbs, there are now many takers for this little project.


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