Homeward Bound

Yes, just found a free internet connection at the Singapore airport…Been a great couple of weeks in Cambodia, but I can’t wait to be getting home tonight.
Took over 300 photos so I guess you will be getting a blog full of snap shots.
Cambo is an amazing place, a place of contrasts…such a cliche but it is…Hannah Newnham helped me spell that big word…cliche, she is standing next to me checking on her emails!
The guy over on the Island orphanage where we stayed for a few days was a Christian Outreach Centre guy from SA, he and his wife started this work 9 years ago. Some good stuff going on there, kids rescued from bad situations, they are like like the grandparents to the kids, I had not seen this type of thing before.
We did some seriously heavy wall smashing in the old Nestle factory that has been fully donated to the Hagar ministry. They handed over everything including all the milk production stuff, good for Hagar as they produce Soy milk. The whole donation was over 2 million dollars – very nice!
Plane leaving, gotta run.


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