Hack On ABC 2

If you ever listen to the excellent Hack programme hosted by Steve Cannane on Tripple J, you will be happy to know that he is on for a half hour programme on ABC 2 at 8.30pm starting tonight.

The Hack Half Hour is a studio-based chat program, which encourages feisty, passionate views, stories and debate. It’s confronting, irreverent, thought-provoking and a little bit naughty. It’s time to hear from a younger audience.

Each week we’ll be covering a different topic, looking at it through the eyes of young Australians. In the first episode of The Hack Half Hour: Myface, we ask the question, “will we end up regretting what we reveal about ourselves online?” We’ll explore the reasons why people want to post so much personal information online, and look at what the repercussions might be for user’s life, relationships, and career. We talk to bloggers, vloggers and social networking junkies, and even a hacker. All of them have strong opinions.

At the centre of the discussion, we meet a very popular 16-year-old. Sophie Calland has the second highest number of friends on My Space in Australia. With over 208,000, she welcomes just about anyone into her space. She spends several hours a day maintaining her profile, posting photo-shopped pictures of herself, and writes a blog about her battles with illness, depression, and the things that piss her off. Sophie is happy with the level of control she has over her profile and isn’t worried about the possible consequences of making personal information widely available.