A return?

Been challenged by a mate, Keith, to return to the wider more comprehensive space of blogging. He suggests that my Facebook entries challenge him, but he thinks Facebook is limited in audience and smaller posts. I read Hamo’s blog and (although he is an amazing thinker and writer and I am not him) I do agree that I could put more into it. I do learn from interacting, I sometimes am not sure what I believe and it is from (some) people who respond to my posts that I gain a better understanding of what I really believe about a given topic.

This is no commitment to a return to blogging, just contemplating the idea.


2 thoughts on “A return?

  1. Hey Scott. I think the challenge is putting our ideas ‘out there’ for others to comment on. It makes us vulnerable, but sharpens our thinking and ideas. Working it out together is a great option. Great post! Thanks.

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