Blogs Made Easy

I am always surprised at just how easy it is to set up a basic blog on blogger. I know nothing about html or web development. Today I met Tania Watson from Churches of Christ Kids Vision to show her how to set up their new blog/info/news machine.
I had forgotten just how easy it was. I left her with the basics and she had added the logo, some snaps some more links and adjusted some of the feel of the page.
Have a look if you like, make a comment, I know she will love it!

MS Explorer No Good

I have had heaps of people tell me of late that they can not view this blog on Explorer…why you would want to when you can use an open source web2 product as agood as Firefox I will never know!
I just tried it with the latest version of MS Explorer and had no problems other than the usual sluggish slow presentation.
Anyone else looking at this sight on MS Explorer having issues and run time errors appearing?

Bye, off to roast lamb and red wine.

Oh bye the way I sold my 5 Camelbak Hydration packs, made about $300 profit, which went on some netball jackets, some books and some wine…does not seem to last long hey! Well you gotta live!

A Great New Blog to Read

Imagine a gay man living with aids who does not call himself a Christian yet is captivated with much of the teaching in the bible and the wonder of God. He has started a blog to reflect on his journey of discovery as he reads through the bible.
He says in one post –

I’m not a practicing “Christian”. As I recently told the RLP, I consider myself a “christianist”, meaning I believe in the ideals of what this person Jesus Christ taught but not necessarily all the kooky-spooky stuff. My re-examination of the Bible and what it contains will be an often unorthodox, broader minded view of what has been written.

Come along for the ride. Let’s see what we can discover.

His blog is here.

The tip off on this new blog came from here, on another post that has some great history about the wonderful relationship between these guys. Actually I owe the whole discovery to otherendup – Thanks matey!


Well my wife and kids have gone away to the farm for a few days, just me and my mother-in-law left home alone.
I am packing for Thailand and hanging with Mark, the guy down th road, he’s bored as he was meant to be on the rig but the cyclone damaged it the other week and he is home waiting for a call back.
Leave in 24hours for the Leprosy Colony!

Firefox crashed last night, lost all my bookmarks…like 400 of them!

Easter Saturday Blog Tweek

Just got inspired after mowing the lawn to mess with the blog. I moved it to the new blogger version a few months ago but have never taken advantage of all the easy to use bits…now I have I can’t remember what I had on the old blog…what was covering those dots at the top of the page? Oh and how did I get that Make Poverty Histy banner appear in the top right hand corner?
I must see if I can discover my Flikr site again. I put some new links in there too, did I lose your link? Let me know.

2 days till I go to Thailand!

The Hand of God

Well it looks like the hand of God stepped in shut down all the nasty sweary conversation on the post entitled “Everything Sucks”.
Blogger seemed to have some global problems last night/yesterday but this comments problem seems to be different from that as I still can’t get in to read the comments on that post.
So if you were one participating in what was looking to be a hot topic on swearing christians and pharisees…then you’ve missed out…we’ve all grown up and moved on…and bloody well have much more important things to talk about…woops…sorry couldn’t help it 🙂

POST SCRIPT – Aghhh, yes, with much repentance and forgiveness between brothers the Lord has returned the comments section to “Everything Sucks” post (below) – so much love on my blog…so much love! 🙂

Great New Website

Forge WA have just launched their own website. Andrew Hamilton has produced this one himself (amazing what a few hours on the computer can do!).

Forge is an innovative mission training network that seeks to equip Christian leaders for mission in a first world setting.

Forge recognises the enormous cultural shifts that have occurred in the world over the last few decades and is committed to developing leaders who can live and serve incarnationally, who have a holistic view of life and mission and who are able to re-think church structures recognising that one size does not fit all. Read more

ForgeWA is supported by both Churches of Christ in WA and the WA Baptist Union among other groups.