A Great New Blog to Read

Imagine a gay man living with aids who does not call himself a Christian yet is captivated with much of the teaching in the bible and the wonder of God. He has started a blog to reflect on his journey of discovery as he reads through the bible.
He says in one post –

I’m not a practicing “Christian”. As I recently told the RLP, I consider myself a “christianist”, meaning I believe in the ideals of what this person Jesus Christ taught but not necessarily all the kooky-spooky stuff. My re-examination of the Bible and what it contains will be an often unorthodox, broader minded view of what has been written.

Come along for the ride. Let’s see what we can discover.

His blog is here.

The tip off on this new blog came from here, on another post that has some great history about the wonderful relationship between these guys. Actually I owe the whole discovery to otherendup – Thanks matey!


2 thoughts on “A Great New Blog to Read

  1. Thanx 4 pointing me 2 this blog. I just had a read to keep my mind off other stuff (like doing housework!). I like the one ‘Herod today, gone 2morrow’ as he talks of Herod being ‘punkd’. I think of Job when it comes to being punkd. Imagine God letting Satan play with us to see how faithful we really are. So now whenever I have a bad day I’ll not cave in ‘cos I know I’ll have been punkd! What prattle. Off 2 do housework & not worry my life away.

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