Internet Issues

It is driving me up the wall…
Still no joy on the internet connection,
iinet have tested the modem – fine
I have disconnected all lines in the house apart from the modem – still drops out, meaning it is not internal interference.
IInet then tested the line between the exchange and my modem and think they picked up a loss at the 2km mark, so now it’s over to telstra to find out why I have a drop out 2km from my house, if this is actually so.
Meanwhile I have discovered tat I can get about 10 – 15 minutes of internet before having to shut down the modem and start it again.
Grrrrrrr, getting heaps of reading and brick paving done though!


4 thoughts on “Internet Issues

  1. Do you have wi fi? If so I would check the drivers first. I had the same issue, downloaded the updated driver..problem solved

  2. smile… at least it is the perfect weather for those amongst us who are privileged enough to own Vespas!!!

    go on… get out there

  3. Optus cable user here…

    but had something similar, and it was the line from the pole to the house… birds sit on it, crack the coating, water gets in and runs down to your box… corroding the cable all the way along.

    you phone may still work, it doesn’t utalise the cable as much as what data would.

    and maybe your 2ks from the exchange!

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