MS Explorer No Good

I have had heaps of people tell me of late that they can not view this blog on Explorer…why you would want to when you can use an open source web2 product as agood as Firefox I will never know!
I just tried it with the latest version of MS Explorer and had no problems other than the usual sluggish slow presentation.
Anyone else looking at this sight on MS Explorer having issues and run time errors appearing?

Bye, off to roast lamb and red wine.

Oh bye the way I sold my 5 Camelbak Hydration packs, made about $300 profit, which went on some netball jackets, some books and some wine…does not seem to last long hey! Well you gotta live!


One thought on “MS Explorer No Good

  1. Hey scott, I’m using explorer and usualy having no issues. Yesterday though I had issues with Blogs not loading properly.

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