Why I Boycotted The Olympics This Year

I decided to not watch any of the Olympics this year due to my outrage that China was allowed to host them when they have so much unfinished business with the international community – meaning, they need to answer for their actions on so many fronts and in so many instances. I guess the fact that they are now a powerful economic force makes all their wrongs right…it has worked for most of our western countries right? I guess some might ask, and have, why allow just about any country to host the games, we all have a log in our eye in some ways regarding human rights. A good point. But I feel China are very brazen with their attitude, yet we in the west keep embracing them like a long lost brother. Should we not call them to account? I guess in Australia we are allowed to protest the fact that refugee children were held in detention, and something happened, international media focused on the US treatment of prisoners of war and something happened…we hope!  The fact that we make money and are a significant player in the western consumer capitalist world seems to cover over a multitude of sins…like the one in the clip below. I found the clip here.


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