bit crazy

Been a bit busy, but here’s a run down –
Last week I started a new job, 2 days a week for a missions group that is a department of our national Churches of Christ called Global Missions Partners (Former OMB).
My new role is to encourage missional thinking and action amongst the young adults in our COCWA churches.
Last week I went to a Missions conference with Martin Robinson, pretty good.
Last week I attended a day seminar which my brother ran for ACOM on being a brilliant facilitator of adult education. I no longer work for ACOM but I will do some facilitation for Youth Vision and GMP so that’s why I was there.
Also last week I went to Melbourne with my best buddy Christine. It was like a 3rd honeymoon (we had our second one in Tassie!). We had 3 fantastic days together before heading out to surprise my mate Neale M for dinner at his 40th birthday celebrations, what a great guy he is…and really really old too! 🙂
We arrived home Sunday night in time for me to unpack and repack my back as I was leaving on ACOM retreat at 7am the next morning.
I know I am no longer on staff with ACOM but I am still a PF Director (Personal Formation).
Great time away in Jarrahdale.
Last night we went to group and had a nice time in guided meditation then some quiet conversation with Charlie and Chloe, awesome crew!
Today I had an operation on my hand as I discovered I had 2 bits of wood still in there from an accident hiking last year. Sadly the Dr could not find it in there, despite his ripping, poking and tearing away at the insides of my hand!
I have to go to a surgeon now!
Off to Adelaide next week, so that should be fun!


3 thoughts on “bit crazy

  1. Had a wedding on Saturday and couldn’t get to the big 4 0 heard the old man nearly had a heart attack several times.
    Had a piece of glass in my foot for about 5 years after a sailboarding stint, until it started to get painful. Had to go under the knife and the surgeon pulled it out. Piece of cake!

  2. I once got some of a glass bead stuck in my finger after stabbing a pin down it… anyway, had no idea some had stayed in there until it decided to poke itself out 2 years later. Ouch.

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