Mother In Law

Some people have enquired as to if the fact that my mother in law is living with us at the moment and I seem to be away a lot have a link…interesting.

She is nice, different…but nice.

One thing, I need to say, there is just one of her and five of us. When it comes to washing, we have more than she does…yes? YES.

So EVERY, I mean EVERY time she takes clothes off the line or irons or washes (Thank God, she even does these things for us at times. It really is a blessing) But EVERY time she does one of these activities she comments on the fact that we are wasting water and time and soap and wind (in drying clothes on the line, just made that one up) because we have so many clothes. I say “We have so many people”. But EVERY time!! REALLY people. Christine even told her to stop saying it.
I’m ok really, I am. It’s only been 2 weeks and it is only until her house is built and houses go up quick yes? yes?
Oh, you want to know where it’s up to right now?
Well she has visited the block almost every day since last year when she bought it, so I know just where it’s up to…last night she came home and told us that there are little trenches in the sand on the block…that’s it.

Shall we have bets as to when she will move out?

Truly, she is a great lady, no tensions…not many, just around washing time.
It will be fine…wont it? Will it?


7 thoughts on “Mother In Law

  1. my advice – if you want things to go as smoothly and as quickly as possible – DON”T BLOG ABOUT HER! you are either a very brave or very stoopid man!

  2. She really is great, I would have her stay with us forever, she fits in fine…we sat watching Rob Bell DVD’s together today and got all goose bumpy together when his preaching struck us!! Just the washing thing.. that’s all, the washing thing!

  3. yeah i agree i would never Blog about my mother in law. very very dangerous, may you live to see her move into her new home? does she read your blog? if so your a dead man, if not you survive with a few cuts and bruises. Good luck and enjoy the free cleaning and onsite baby sitter, and of coarse the company only a mother in law can bring to the family home. 🙂

  4. Russ and I can sympathise with you! We have my granny living with us at the moment and she is worse!! She doesnt like the way we do things…they need to be done her way – we obviously need a few lessons in vacuuming!!

  5. very brave call that one. We lived with my in-laws (plus my wife’s aunty) for 4 months and believe me, I couldn’t wait to find a new home.

  6. tell her the washing thing doesn’t make sense…if you had less clothes you would do the same amount of washing each week, it’s just that you’d be washing the same clothes more often! Having less clothes won’t stop them from getting grubby or needing to be washed…(does that make sense?)…good luck my friend, I’ve heard tradies respond to cash bribes if you want the house finished quicker!

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