Amazing Labyrinth

I found these photos when searching through alternative worship sites today. This is a kind of photo record of 100’s of alt worship services.

This labrynth is set up on the floor of St Pauls Cathedral London.


3 thoughts on “Amazing Labyrinth

  1. For a couple of years, before we comandeered the area for other purposes, my wife and I would spray-paint a labyrinth (the ancient mynoan version) on our back lawn at various times of the year.

    I think walking a labyrinth can evoke profound moments of contemplation and awareness (even problem solving) when approached properly.

  2. Hi mate, hope you are well,the Labyrinth looks amazing, although I am a fan of the pray painted on the grass version we have used at ACOM too. There is a benifit to simplicity.

    Hope life is treating you well and you will be blogging againg soon.



  3. After viewing a few sites on ‘prayer labyrinths’in 2006 I decided I wanted 2 make my own- in the back yard: paths, bricks maybe hedges. Look 4ward 2 seeing some ideas soon from you Scott!

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