My Backyard and Water.

Now it’s got me thinking… 2 weeks ago I ripped up a heap of lawn and brickpaved a big area…composted the lawn, got all the bricks from next door, they are putting in a pool and had exact same bricks…love free stuff! All to save some water and have less chemical sucking lawn.

So it’s all about saving money – right? No, wrong.

Sometimes I get mixed up between living economically and living sustainably. Sadly the 2 are not always the same.
It does cost to save the planet.
For example. My water tank is a 4500L tank. Big guy!
Because our government fails to put a significant dollar value on water, most of us fail to think of it as valuable. I suggest we should at least quadruple the cost of water!! Ok, maybe treble.

The 4500L of water is worth just $4.00 yes FOUR DOLLARS.

We would be idiots spending $1200.00 on a tank (getting all of $50.00 rebate!) just to save $4.00 a tank. Nope it’s the water we are wanting to save, not the money…any ideas on how we can save some money? Aghhhh


3 thoughts on “My Backyard and Water.

  1. How about we get our daily allowance at full pressure – then any further water is at ‘shaped’ pressure, much like our beloved broadband comapnies do when you go over your usage limit.

  2. great idea grendel – cept they’d probably charge u $500 + to install the valve that would allow a pressure change……


  3. Great to hear Scott! Grass absolutely SUCKS up the water!

    I just wrote an article at my gardening blog about ‘water wise gardening’ recently, Aussie Green Thumb.

    With water being so scarce we really do need to consider how much water our gardens take to maintain.

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