Let It Rain

It is raining right at this moment, this is a good thing for many reasons.
– We need rain in Perth (and WA) to fill the dams for Summer.
– Christine and I planted lots of new veggies on the weekend.

Remember this post? And this one?

Here is the old picture…

And here it is 10 minutes ago with the first rain dripping into the tank…yes I did a little dance and let out a ‘wohooo’! It has been, like most of my projects, very slow. I think I chopped the tree down over a year ago, pulled out the stump in May – June, then bought the tank a week ago, got the (free) gutters delivered Friday and a weekend of guttering and dada!


One thought on “Let It Rain

  1. goodonya Scott!
    I vividly remember standing under an umbrella, hopping from one foot to another with absolute delight as water gushed – GUSHED – from our rooftop into our new humble little 1000l tank back in dry, dry, dry Toowoomba (dam level now 13% and falling).
    Cheers old mate and congratulations on your new harvest!
    Of course, now that we’ve moved, we have no ‘town water’ at all and we thrill to the sound of rain as it tops up our 68,000 litre tank capacity. Our tanks are currently holding 95% capacity as we have had a little over 19 inches (478mm) of glorious rain since the beginning of August. We value every drop! I’ve calculated that we are using about 280 litres per day in this household – no hardship at all. (I’ve watched women carry water kilometers every day in Zimbabwe. How easy do we have it!)


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