Impact World Tour – Part II

Hi readers –

Hamo and I met with Joel who is a Impact World Tour Facilitator this week.

It was a good meeting, Joel is a great guy with a huge passion to see Perth impacted for the Kingdom of God.

I have to say, horror stories continue to roll in from the IWT events around the city, not just on this blog but face to face. Just today I had a ‘hot’ conversation with someone regarding the events!

Joel shared with us some of the incredible challenges faced by the organising groups. Things happened with IWT, that just shouldn’t have happened. Perth reacted towards certain things that were not anticipated by organizers.

Some things that have been shared on my blog about words spoken at training events and things that took place at Impact events are in complete contradiction to IWT policy. So either they are not true, ie they were made up, imagined, perceived or wrongly interpreted or they happened and were never meant to happen, they were people who went outside of what IWT standard procedures require of their workers and volunteers.

Some of the things that happened at IWT events and training programmes may have resulted from short cuts due lack of local involvement and leadership.

Some of the things that happened at IWT events and training reported on the blog actually happened and are IWT policy (one example we spoke of was the putting on of badges for local link people after they had moved forward at the altar calls. This, we were told, was so that the people going forward with them – respondents-did not think they had the wrong message about who was supposed to go fwd as some people moving fwd with them had badges on and they did not) I was not entirely convinced of the methodology of the badge issue or a few of the other issues we spoke about. I for one still remain convinced that IWT is not something I would support if it happened again.

What I did come away feeling was that sitting over a coffee as a group of brothers, despite our vast differences and (dis)agreements on some of the methods used to reach the lost people of our world, was a better way of actually DOING SOMETHING about these issues and not just complaining about it.

Joel is more than keen to hear from anyone else from Perth who would like to give feedback on the tour here and pass it on to the appropriate person , and I am sure (just my thoughts) that he would like to hear from people with encouragement too. – Who would want this job he has? – really! His email address is

Hamo suggested YWAM release a press statement to the public of Perth apologising for the hurt and confusion (my words) IWT has caused some people here in Perth and a small explanation as to what they thought went wrong and why the people of Perth felt ambushed rather than impacted. Hamo suggested an ad of similar size to those included in the West Australian be placed and used as a clear apology. He indicated he would happily kick in the first $100.00 towards it. Not sure if this will happen, but we will see.

I personally will no longer be making comments on this post, and would like this to be a kind of closure on the topic. If you would like to take it further you now have an email address to follow a more personal pathway.

Thanks for your participation on this topic.

Scott Vawser


3 thoughts on “Impact World Tour – Part II

  1. Thanks for the update, its an encouragement to see people getting together to talk things out rather than opting for the easier but more dangerous route of assuming.

    I am thankful for all those that met for a chat… IWT and non-IWT alike. God will bring good out this, even if it is to help us to function together better as the body of Christ. GOD BLESS

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