New Book

There is this family who tried living without spending any money for 6 months, well they had to pay rates and house insurance but pretty much everything else they generated themselves at home…I mean everything! They even made their own soap. They traded flour for eggs and had solar panels and water tanks.
It was an Aussie experiment and Christine and I are reading their story. Actually it was a good find by the Gazman while we were pottering through Oxford books yesterday (one of the best little book shops around!).

So I think I will post a few extracts from it. Bit and pieces of useful info about the way we use our resources in Australia and ideas for living more sustainably…it is true that more than any other nation we we the squander award! We waste a lot of stuff!

Oh, the book has inspired me to prepare the site for my water tanks and today I expanded our vegi garden and got rid of a good patch of water wasting lawn!


4 thoughts on “New Book

  1. do the authors talk about backyard permaculture for the veges, or do they use boring old agriculture?

    We have grown our own fruit and veges for a few years now using permaculture, with chooks (in a chook tractor) doing all our weeding, digging, fertilising, oh, yes, and egg supplying.


    “the gutless peaceactivist”

  2. Gaz, no trouble, she loved it! Plus I went to the library and got a free one to ‘offset’ the fact I bought one!

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