Ok Concert Goers – Here is my best shot

What concerts can I remember going to? Well this is my best shot. I have ticket stubbs for the ones with – ‘T’ next to them.
Midnight Oil
Dire Straits
Tommy Emanuel
James Morrison
Kate Cebrano
Tom Baker
Ray Charles
Grace Knight
U2 Live Under Australian Skies 1984- T
Amy Grant
Phil Colins – T
David Bowie/Serious Moonlight Tour 1983 – T
Australian Crawl x3 – T
Black Sorrows
David Meece x 3 – T
Petra – T (I asked Christine to go out with me here!)
Kenny Marks x 3
DC Talk
Hi Tops (The Musical) 1987- T
Spandau Ballet 1985 – T
Durran Durran
Rocky Horror Picture Show 1988 – T
Chris DeBurgh The Lady In Red Tour – 1987 – T
Little Heros – 1982 -T
Jackson Browne 1986 – T

Now The Classical –
Gissell – Ballet – T
Bavarian Youth Orchestra – T
WA Youth Orchestra x 5
Adventures of Tom and the Water Babies – T
Music Maestro – T
(Ok I was dating classy muso girls at the time!!!)

I’m sure I will remember more as they come to me…


7 thoughts on “Ok Concert Goers – Here is my best shot

  1. We certainly have some concerts in common.

    You reminded me about Tommy Emmanuel. I saw him years ago and didn’t put him in my list. I’ll have to do an update sometime.

  2. I wanted to go to Midnight Oil, just never had the money.

    The U2 one would be one to remember.

    My one dream has always been to see DC Talk Live in Concert, I was just too young the last time they played here, and now I don’t like my chances – though Toby Mac was at SONFEST in Qld a few years ago, and he did a few DCTalk songs, so that’s about as close as i’ll come i think.

    I don’t know who half the people on your list are Vawz

  3. i agree, i dont know HALF of those!! i did go to the DC Talk one and it was so cool 🙂 I also went to the Newsboys one too! My parents went to Phil Collins (so that would put you roughly in my parents age bracket!! 🙂 ) I went to the Tommy Emmanuel one and Rebecca St James too ! wow they all come flooding back all of a sudden!!

  4. Bek, I am 39 soon, give me a break, no where near your parents age…they just have younger taste in music!! I’m sure…right? Yes? Please??? Someone???

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