Memories … from the corners of my mind

Ever think back on all the concerts you went to as a teenager…and beyond?
Bet you don’t still have the ticket stubbs!
I do, for most of them…
Go on, what concerts did you go to?

Stay tuned for more..with pictures!

7 thoughts on “Memories … from the corners of my mind

  1. hopefully i’m too young, so that most of mine are not to be embarrassing.

    As a kid I remember going to a lot of local Christian acts with my Dad, and during high-school/uni i was pretty into the Christian music scene, playing one gig each with Rhubarb or Rookie (which maybe you Waussies have heard) as a fill in.

    Once you’re in a band you find yourself going to many concerts…

  2. Oh.

    I did actually go to a Guy Sebastian concert in 2005 – his last album tour….

    maybe that one should be put under the ’embarressment’ list.

  3. Snoop Dog – just kidding

    Pearl Jam
    Jimmy Barnes
    Cold Play
    Mark of Cain
    John Couger

    and an assortment of local bands; kerb, malachi, etc, etc

    no stubs – wife kept Cold Play

  4. hmmm…when i was little and lived in qld i went to a David Meece concert! anyone know him? i was sooo in love with him! nowadays i usually only go to gigs, not really concerts. although i guess you could consider “taste of chaos” a concert, also saw story of the year this year. yeah dont really go to concerts…

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