Home From Shark Bay

What an amazing place the Shark Bay region is. It has been 27 years since I spent more than a night in the area (We zoomed through on our honeymoon in 1993 and one night on a work trip in 1987)
The contrasts, the history, the pioneering spirit of early settlers and explorers.
They have set up a new discovery centre in the heart of town in Denham. We took a few hours in there reading, feeling, hearing and watching the history of the area. It was well worth the money Mum and Dad spent for us to go through!
Loved having the olds with us, it went very smoothly!

I had a big canoe that Hacket loaned to us, apart from not being the easiest thing to steer, (maybe it was the driver!) it was a blast having it there, we got to all sorts of places and saw things from a different perspective…especially a school of sharks we paddled through! I will put the video I took up here soon! Posted by Picasa


5 thoughts on “Home From Shark Bay

  1. We had a fairly strong outgoing tide, but nothing that I would have noticed as a non local. The big wave hit the point which is still classed as Shark Bay but is so far away it’s off the horizon from where we were staying.

  2. hoooo bugga, no fish. In fact no one was catching anything of the beach, all too cold in the water up there. Bit was being caught off boats out deep.

  3. Beautiful part of Australia. Looking forward to seeing more photos. Is there somewhere else I can view them?

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