Off To Shark bay

Off in the morning. 8 hour drive to Denham. Mum and Dad are coming with us, should be good, interesting, good, different, nice…

Not being much of a fishing person, never sure what hook goes where and where the heavy things go and if you use one of those spinning shiny things or if the bait sits on the bottom or floats on the top, so I take my wallet and buy fish and chips instead. My Dad started this trend of anti-fishing and his Dad before him. This fact I only just discovered about an hour ago on the phone. dad rings and asks am I taking fishing gear, I respond with “Why would I do that?”. He is like yeah good question who needs all that knot undoing and messing chopping up, I laughed. All those times he took me fishing when we were young, all those messy lines and smelly fish sitting in fish boxes weeks after you get home from holidays. He hated it all along. He thought he was doing it for my sake and I thought, “Oh Dad likes this fishing deal so I had better go along with it”. We laughed a bit about it, then he tells me his Dad never liked it but his Dad’s bother (my great Uncle Merve Vawser) loved it. And his kids all love it. Strange but true!

What will we do if we don’t fish?
We have a little inflatable raft, some inner tubes, some deck chairs and some books. We also have some masks and snorkles.
What books you ask?

I have a few on the go –
Chain Of Command, The road from 9/11 to Abu Graib
Winton’s original short story book – Scission
John Dear – Jesus The Rebel, Bearer of God’s Peace and Justice.
This weeks Bulletin magazine and the latest Wild magazine (Bushwalking)

Christine is reading Nelson Mandella, In His own Words
And In The Presence of My Enemies, Burnham.

So in between playing, sleeping, paddling, reading and eating…who knows what else we will get up to?


12 thoughts on “Off To Shark bay

  1. we made the trek to Denham when we were about 12 – with about 5 other families and a couple of boats. we tented and played french cricket and collected shells but i must admit – the purpose of the trip was FISHING and boy, did the men “kill the pig” on that one!!!

    it is an “interesting” choice of place to go if you are not of the fishing ilk – but there are some friendly dolphins to pat just up the road at Monkey Mia, which the kids will love and, if not just for that one experience, will make the mammoth trek worth it.

    make sure you relax and enjoy your time with the folks.

    our kids are looking forward to having Max stay with us for the next week.

  2. I think I feel offended that you would go to Shark bay and not fish, wow! Not sure what to do about this???

    ; )

  3. Well, it’s too late now, but maybe if I had called you boys in to give me lessons on the whole deal then maybe I could have been tempted! It’s only hours to go now and I would have to go over the road and get my rod off the guy who uses it and then shop for stuff like hooks and spinning things, so maybe next time!

  4. maybe – a simple couple of trips to sorrento would bee more the order of the day for beginnings Vawz. i know Bergs is always up for an excuse to go fishing.

    maybe when you get back…

  5. It’s not that Vawz doesn’t like fishing. I can handle that, diversity is all around, but the insult is that he would go to Shark Bay to read books and not fish. Thats like going to a pub and not having a beer, or going to the Royal Show and not going on any rides or buying any showbags. Shark Bay is considered one of the finest fishing spots in Australia. I mean its ludicrous and frankly Vaws un-Australian.

  6. Yes I’d have to agree with Bergs here, one would have to question ones Australianess, in fact, ones maleness to go to Shark Bay without fishing being compulsory.

  7. Lets just hope he did not get washed away.

    But I’m with Bergs, I could not possibly go to Sharks bay and not fish! Its almost like taking the one, five or ten talents given to you and burying them!

  8. Coming from people who enjoy to fish at other times, i can see ur point.

    But I think, even in that area, there’s so much to see, i could find other things to do to fish, which, to me, would seem like a better use of my time.

  9. that was actually meant to say – “other things to do THAN fish” – not to fish, i don’t usually do anything TO fish….

    um yeah….

  10. Um the way the bomber’s are going this year that’s not the most entertaining activity this season 😛

    hey on holidays, who watches TV!!

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