Off to Thailand – Join Me?

onearth11I run a thing called OnEARTH.

It is a study in a book of the bible (Acts) all about living beyond yourself, living for others, something I find amazingly hard to do! So I invented a programme to help me… and anyone else who wants to tag along for the ride 🙂

This year I am running OnEARTH in Perth at the Warwick Leisure Centre. It is includes the following;

1) 2 hours a week together looking at life…the universe… and everything. (14 weeks starting in March)

2) A two week trip to Northern Thailand (April 25 – May 8th) right in the middle of the above 14 weeks.

3) A weekend of connecting with people doing it tough right here in our own city.

If you are keen, either leave a comment, sign up on Facebook or email me for more info


One thought on “Off to Thailand – Join Me?

  1. love to…but we are full up this year with heading to East Timor in July to do our tiny bit to help disabled gets get better access to education there.
    Hope it all goes really well for you all.

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