Finally A New Truck! (and other bits)

We are now the proud owners (after about 6 weeks of searching) of an old 1993 mint condition 3.1L Turbo Diesel Holden Jackaroo.

Tried to make our first batch of diesel Fri night and the engine/pump is stuffed – aghhh

Off to do a wedding today, went to print out the wedding certificate and put it in the printer upside down – aghhh
Went to print of all my notes for the service and the document is there and there is nothing in it, not a thing! This has never happened, obviously it happened because Word is a Windows programme. I should be using a Mac programme! Another that happened that has never happened before is that the couple I am marrying asked for a ful copy of the entire service at the rehearsal. So I had printed it off before it disappeared – I just rang the groom and he has it!! Phew!


2 thoughts on “Finally A New Truck! (and other bits)

  1. Well that was a whole story in itself! After I left you, I rang the guy at City Toyota and said I was on my way to buy his car. He was cool, he rang me back a minute later and said “The price I gave you yesterday of $16200, is now $19000, so if you still want it come and get it!” I hung up.
    The next day we bought the Quokka, and saw the older model Jackaroo just around the corner from our house for sale. It had the older more reliable engine (Izuzu). It was mint condition, ann old guy had it from near new, he had just about polished the dip stick weekly! In fact every year he dropped the fuel tank and flushed it – who does that??? The car was like new! Air compressor, dual batteries, IPF spots, Bull/Tow bar, rola roof racks and so on! $10500!!

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